Where to begin…. Well I moved to Boulder quite unexpectedly. At the end of last year I was living in Austin TX and I was planning on moving to Seattle with a quick two months spent in California (where I grew up) with my grandparents. Two weeks before I was going to California I met a wonderful man and we began falling in love.


This threw a very large wrench into my plans since he was also planning on moving soon, but to Boulder. I postponed California for a bit but still went out there. I mean after all this was crazy!! I couldn’t change all my plans for a boy! Right….?! Well we kept in touch the whole time I was in California and we fell even more in love. After a bit he convinced me to at least come visit him in Boulder and see if I liked it at all. The moment I arrived in Boulder I fell in love with the pines and the mountains (Two of my favorite things)!


He had known the whole time that all he would have to do is just get me out there and that I’d love it. So long story short when I returned to California I packed my bags and headed to Boulder to begin an unexpected but wonderful life with the man I love. It was a whirlwind but I’ve never once regretted it! Boulder is an amazing town with so many things to do (I’ll share these later) and we have so much fun in our cozy apartment and sharing adventures together!



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