Dining Table

So after living in Boulder since January and still not having a dinging room table I figured it was high time that we get our butts in order and get one. Rocky and I looked around quite a bit and didn’t really see anything that we loved and that also fit our budget. Another concern we had was the size of the table, the spot in our apartment where the table would go was not exceptionally large, so we decided an adjustable table with a leaf would be best for us. After looking more I had an idea, why don’t we buy something that’s not in great shape and fix it up and customize it ourselves. Rocky loved that idea so I quickly found a cheap table that would work for us. Once we purchased the table we decided that we would love to stain the top of the table a nice dark walnut and then paint the base of the table a pretty teal color.


In order to stain the table and paint the base we first had to sand them down. We used a small hand sander and three different grits of sandpaper. Once we were satisfied with the amount of prime we started staining and painting.


Rocky and I both love teal and dark wood so naturally we loved how it turned out! Now all we had to do is wait for it to dry, carry it inside, and set it up!


After we finished the table I purchased a set of IKEA chairs off Craigslist to go with it. Here is the finished table with the chairs in our apartment and of course Zoey had to be in the picture as well.



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