So I know this is late (EAA’s Airventure happened in the last week of July) but Rocky and I just had so much fun at the airshow that I had to share it! Airventure is the largest airshow and aviation convention in the United States and is held every year in Oshkosh WI. It runs for a whole week and people show up from all over the globe to see the planes that show up there. This airshow boasts the most vintage airplanes (including some WWI airplanes that are still flying) then any other airshow. If you decide to attend the airshow you have three options of where to stay: a boring hotel, awesome camping adjacent to the airport, and camping in the utmost style – under the wing of the airplane you just flew in! We had wanted to fly into the show, but ended up driving instead. So between a hotel and camping we chose to camp and attend the whole week of the airshow.


Stoked to finally be there!

When we finally arrived (after an 18 hour drive) on the first day of the airshow the campground was almost full already! People had been showing up weeks in advance in order to save spots! It was crazy! But we ended up finding a perfect little spot and pitched our little two man tent.1891

I was astonished at the size of the airshow, more than 550,000 people attend it and more than 10,000 aircraft fly in! You are able to view so many different types of airplanes such as warbirds, vintage, ultralights, and homebuilts, and some of them are so unique and rare that they are one of a kind! The week flew by! We were constantly doing something, watching airshows (the night ones were the best!), shopping for cool swag, wandering around and looking at all the vendors, checking out all the airplanes, going to the museum. We saw so many amazing airplanes and got to take rides in a helicopter, an ultra light, and the original airline transport: the Ford Tri-Motor.


The tail of one Tr-Motor and the nose of another


Rocky and I being silly while waiting to ride the helicopter


My awesome Oshkosh shirt!!!

Obviously Rocky was in heaven throughout the airshow since he is a pilot and a huge aviation enthusiast, but I was surprised at just how much I enjoyed the airshow! We got to meet a few aerobatics pilots and even saw Harrison Ford, who was there to support this amazing program that EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) has called the Young Eagles. Its main focus is to inspire children to become interested in aviation through taking their first free airplane ride with volunteer pilots.  This was especially fun for us to see and experience since  Rocky is a young eagle himself.


Harrison Ford’s De Havilland Beaver

One of the best parts of the airshow is all the historic planes. It was amazing to wander around this large area and see the thousands of airplanes!


This C-47 flew paratroopers into Normandy on D-Day

20802050Oshkosh! 024Oshkosh! 072

Camping was a blast! We were only about a 10 minute walk away from the airport (a plus every night when we were pooped from walking around all day) and had a convenient spot near the camp store and all the facilities. We were also near a walk in movie theater called the fly-in theater, it was so much fun, every night we would haul our chairs and some beers down there and get to watch some aviation themed movie (one night it was Star Wars: The Force Awakens) while enjoying free popcorn! When we did take resting breaks from walking around the airshow (there were very few of them) we loved sitting by our tent and watching all the people and their crazy modes of transportation go by (tiny motorcycles to lazy boys being pulled on trailers).

Playing around while waiting for the show to start


Overall, Oshkosh was awesome!!! We had the most wonderful week and had some amazing adventures. Even the ridiculously long drives there and home were still so much fun. We can’t wait to return next year for Airventure 2017!!!



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