It’s amazing how fast life changes, how quickly it sneaks up on you. Our move to Belize is approaching so fast and I’m totally not ready for it at all!!! Rocky and I had such plans for this summer, hiking a 14er, an over night kayak trip, rock climbing at least once a week. But this summer has just flown by and we haven’t done any of those things. Now the leaves are changing and dropping off the trees and I find myself thinking “No! It’s not time yet! Get back on that tree, it’s still summer!”. All well, we can always accomplish them next summer, if we don’t totally fall in love with Belize and never return.

We did take some time to go to a Gregory Alan Isakov concert on Sunday September 4th at Red Rocks though. He is one of Rocky’s favorite artists to see live so I bought tickets as an early birthday present for Rocky. I can honestly say that I think that this was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. He is such an amazing song writer and his voice just stays with you. Also, the Shook Twins who opened for him were utterly fantastic! Their voices were so haunting and they were very talented musicians. I’d totally recommend checking them out! Rocky and I danced and smiled all night!

We were so excited!!!

Red Rocks: one of the best concert venues there is.


But back to Belize, there is so much to do to prepare it isn’t even funny! I think my head might pop off from all this adulting! Between working, planning, and preparing I feel like I don’t have much time for anything else (why I haven’t posted in a while). I’m sure in the end we will accomplish everything we need to, despite being stressed out of our minds, but in the mean time I just keep imagining the end goal: Rocky and I sitting on a tropical beach with a beer in hand listening to the waves roll in and out. Sounds perfect! Now back to work…

Working hard- Two lovely ladies from my work Mara and Carrie and of course my after work shifty whilst sitting on our patio in downtown Louisville.


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