I love to hike. It’s something I do for many reasons, but I think one of the most important is that it gives me time to reflect and center myself. I often hike alone, something I like and dislike at varying times, but the nice thing about it is it gives me the time I need to do some deep thinking and see where I’m at in life. In Austin, the only nearby hiking I had access to was the greenbelt (a very large strip of land that ran through the heart of the city) and I knew almost every inch of it by heart- that’s how often I’d hike. But after moving to Boulder there are so many different trails I have something different every day.

Winter hiking when we first moved here.

I’m always amazed at the beauty of nature, especially trees and mountains. There’s just something about them that makes them so majestic. I love all trees, but pine trees are my favorite, something to do with how much I love Christmas I think. So imagine my happiness to move to Colorado where they are everywhere!

Whenever I hike up in the mountains I am completely reminded why I moved here and I couldn’t be happier! I am going to miss them so much while we are in Belize. But hey, I am a California girl at heart, so I think I’ll get by staring at the beach all day for six months 🙂

My sister Shaylah and some beautiful scenery.

The mountains are calling and I must go.

Rocky and I being silly… as usual.


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