This past Wednesday Rocky and I went up to Evergreen to spend some time with one of his sisters and also to see all the aspens getting their fall colors. Ever green is about 45 minutes south west of us and the drive out there is very scenic and beautiful. Evergreen itself is a very small perfectly adorable mountain town! Ever since I was little I’ve loved the mountains and I would absolutely love to live in a small mountain like Evergreen one day!

Once we got there we met up with his sister (Grace) and her boyfriend (Jordan) as well as Rocky’s Aunt (Denise) at one of the oldest buildings in Evergreen The Little Bear. It was such an awesome dive bar covered in graffiti and awesome tin signs, I felt overwhelmed and struggled to look at all the awesomeness. Rocky and I decided to add our initials to the walls just like everyone has did before us and now its written forever on there upstairs balcony patio.

After a beer we headed up to Grace’s place, piled in a car and headed out for a hike. The trees were so beautiful I felt like I took a million photos. Once we got back to we wandered around and got a small tour of the town.



I don’t know if I mentioned this before but Rocky and I both really love craft beer and we can be a bit snobby about it sometimes 😉 so Grace took us to an awesome brew pub within walking distance of her house and I enjoyed one of the best dark sour beers I think I’ve ever had! It was by Crooked stave (quickly becoming one of my favorite breweries) and was called Nightmare On Brett. So of course we were in heaven, sitting outside on a crisp fall evening under the twinkly lights drinking amazing brews. We didn’t want the evening to end, but we are becoming old people and by 10 we were all already yawning and ready to head home. We had a wonderful time and can’t wait to go back to that cute town!


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