Life Lately

Life has been crazy busy lately… in the last two weeks Rocky and I have done so many things! We went up to Black Hawk CO for a night of gambling with Rocky’s dad Steve. I’ve only been to Black Hawk once before but that was right after we moved here and the mountain town was still covered in snow. Now visiting in fall it looked completely different, but we still had just as much fun! Rocky has never been a blackjack player (he prefers craps) but I really wanted to try my hand at it. We sat down at a table and were having so much fun that we didn’t even realize we’d been playing for six hours straight! We didn’t end up winning much money but we had a great mini getaway!


It was a bloody mary kind of morning!


Last week I hosted a girls night/clothes exchange. I’ve always wanted to go to a clothes exchange and since I’m trying to get rid of stuff before Belize I figured why not. All my awesome ladies showed up and we all had a blast!!! Rocky was amazing too, he stayed to cook for us and run any errands that I needed him to (what a sweetheart!). At the end of the night I ended up with more than I was trying to get rid of…. oops. All well, we had a blast!

All my awesome ladies!!!

Rocky had to fly out to Perris Valley California to do some work for Skydive Perris last week and I was able to tag along with him. My mom and aunt live about ten minutes away from Perris so I thought this would be an awesome last chance to see them real quick before we head to Belize for the winter. We had a crazy head wind the entire trip out to California so we unfortunately didn’t arrive until five in the afternoon. I ended up only being to spend around five hours with y family having dinner and chatting, but it was definitely worth it! Plus it was amazing to finally ride with Rocky while he flew the Twin Otter that he usually flys for work!

Rocky working hard and me just messing around like usual.

After I got back to Denver the next day I went to the Great American Beer Festival with Rocky’s brother Garrett, his girlfriend Nicole, and some more family and friends. I had never been before but as I’ve said before I am a bit of a beer snob 🙂 It was completely amazing!!!! There was too much beer to be able to sample everything! We got in all the main breweries that we love and then also were able to hit up lots of small ones we had never heard of. I can’t even tell you which was my favorite because they were all amazing and well I also got a little toasty lol. It was unforgettable!!!

Overall the past couple weeks have been crazy and they are about to get a whole lot crazier with the move and all…. whew can’t wait until we are in Belize! Although I am gonna miss Colorado so much! But hey, at least we can come back after winter is over 😉



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