Our First Anniversary

So not to be too mushy but last week Rocky and I celebrated our first anniversary. We headed out to Las Vegas and stayed at Paris (neither of us had ever stayed there before) and boy was it romantic! We gambled, hung by the pool, Rocky got us champagne to enjoy by the pool and we did shots and toasted the moment it struck midnight of our anniversary!

We enjoyed some live entertainment- Zombie Burlesque- which was amazingly entertaining and hilarious! They put on a great show and I was uber stoked about it since it was only Rocky’s 2nd time seeing anything live.


We also went to his favorite sushi restaurant (Sushi Roku) and got what we think is the best roll on the planet- the Titan roll- which is to die for and went for Filet Mignon at the same steak house (Vic and Antony’s) we went to when we were moving to Colorado together.

All in all it was a wonderful anniversary and I will never forget it! Rocky is such an amazing man, I brag about him way too often! But he makes me feel so special and I can’t imagine my life without him!

Now we are home and back at the grind….. ugghh. Where did October go?!! I can’t believe we are leaving in just over 2 weeks!!! So much to do still, I have a feeling that the rest of this month is going to be action packed! Can’t wait till we are on the beach!


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