November So Far…

Life has been crazy in the last month or so, hence the lack of posting going on. At the end of October Rocky and I had to pack up our whole apartment and put all of our stuff into storage for the next six months while we are in Belize. A week before doing that we found out that our move date to Belize had been pushed back by a month. This caused us some stress since we had already gotten another couple to take over our apartment lease starting on November 1st. So we asked around and ended up being able to stay in Rocky’s stepdad’s spare room for November. He’s such an awesome guy! After getting all of our stuff in order we have now been living out of our bags for the last two and a half weeks, but we only have just over another week left!!! I can’t wait!!! In the mean time I’ve been trying to work as much as possible to try to save a little for Belize.


Rocky and I in Black Hawk

A week and a half ago we made a quick trip up to Black Hawk with Rocky’s family to celebrate his aunts birthday and also to play a little black jack. We love to play black jack! We can seriously sit and play for hours on $20 and we have such a great time! We love to get up to the hotel early and start the night off with a trip to the hot tub. Then once we are feeling good and relaxed we hit the tables. This trip I came home with $50 more then what I went with but unfortunately Rocky lost 😦


Our winnings

This past Sunday my dad flew Rocky and I as well as my little sis out to Long Beach California to celebrate my grandparents 63rd wedding anniversary as well as my grandmothers 82nd birthday! My Uncle and his Girlfriend also came down from Santa Cruz and we all surprised my grandparents. They were in shock and couldn’t believe that we all made the trip out to celebrate with them! We went out to a gorgeous restaurant- Orange Hill– that is perched on top of a hill in orange county overlooking all of the valley. The view was incredible, you could see all the way to Catalina! The food and drinks were fantastic and we all had such a wonderful time! Something I’ll never forget!

My family and the beautiful restaurant we had dinner at

Rocky and I being silly in Seal Beach CA

After we got back to Denver Rocky and I took the new light rail into downtown and met up with Rocky’s younger brother Garrett. We headed over to one of our favorite local breweries Crooked Stave which has some very fantastic sours as well as other styles of amazing beer!

The amazing Crooked Stave with Rocky’s brother Garrett

Later that night we went to the Colorado Avalanche’s game against the LA Kings. I was very conflicted on who to root for since I’m originally from LA and they are my team, but I also have come to love the Avs during my time living in Boulder. I ended up just kind of rooting for both teams…. worked out okay lol. But the Avs ended up kicking the Kings asses 4 to 1. All well….


Garrett, his wonderful girlfriend Nicole and me at the Avalanche game

So yeah the last few weeks have been extra busy and we still have so much left to do in this next week before we leave after Thanksgiving. But hey the beach is gonna be here sooner rather then later!!! Woot Woot!!!!


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