Lounge chairs on the Sandbar Beachfront Hostel beach


So…. I know it’s been far far too long since I last posted! But in my excuse life has been ridiculously crazy for the last 3 weeks, well really the last two months.

      Our flight over to Belize from Denver CO

The end of November was a hot scramble to get all the last minute things done for Belize. Then once we got here it’s been non stop trying to get situated in our new villa shared with four others (all single sky divers and packers), acclimated to a new uber humid climate and confusing little town, and help get Rocky’s bosses new business (Skydive San Pedro) going.

           San Pedro, Ambergris Caye Belize 

I arrived a couple of days before Rocky and found out that due to me not having a work permit that I wouldn’t be able to help  get the new drop zone going at all, so instead I would have lots of time to explore and relax. However, Rocky’s sister Grace and her boyfriend Jordan were coming to visit for 8 days and they were due to some crazy chance on the same plane as Rocky was.  So once everyone arrived Rocky went straight to work and Grace, Jordan, and I went on vacation lol.

     Views from the Sandbar Hostel’s beach and the Christmas tree in town square

We spent our days kayaking, shopping, swimming, sunbathing, drinking Belikin beer (the beer of Belize), and of course eating! They stayed at the Sandbar Beachfront Hostel which is an awesome little place set right on the beach. They have affordable rooms, great food, a kind and caring staff, free kayaks and snorkeling gear to use, and Brittany the owner is uber knowledgeable and kind and will go way out of her way to help you with anything you need.

   Beer and snorkeling, also I am wearing a strapless top lol not naked yet 😉

Since the above water office dock of Skydive San Pedro is right in front of the Sandbar we all inevitably spend most of our days and evenings here. It’s a great place for all of us to gather and have a beer or two after a long hard days work or play 🙂

    The awesome Sandbar Beachfront Hostel 

This past Friday we took a day sail on Ecologic Divers 50 foot catamaran “Inconsistent”, that lasted from 10am until 6:30pm. They took us out to snorkel at coral reef where we saw lots of fish, coral, tiny jellyfish, and two nurse sharks (which I’ve been dying to see)! After snorkeling they opened the bar and served us all we could drink rum punches, pina coladas, margaritas, and rum and cokes, as well as a few rum shots here and there 😉

 The catamaran we sailed on and Grace and Jordan

We then sailed to Caye Caulker and disembarked so we could explore the island. We checked out many different shops and picked up some local jewelry, then we stopped for a quick beer before re boarding and enjoying our sunset sail back to San Pedro.

     Caye Caulker- we discovered a knock off subway lol and also more Belikin

The whole trip was well worth the $85 price tag and we enjoyed some lobster and conch ceviche on our sunset sail. The spray of the salt water combined with a beautiful sunset, good friends and tasty drinks in our hands was just what the doctor ordered. Afterward I felt the most relaxed I had all month long. Too bad Rocky had to miss it because he worked but we will go again sometime, Ecologic definitely treated us right!


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