Secret Beach, Karaoke, and Tattoos

So in between relaxing on the beach and floating on inner tubes we managed to make time on Rocky’s day off to head up to secret beach- which is really not that secret I guess. After the hour long golf cart ride north across a dirt rode from hell we made it to one of the prettiest beaches I’ve ever seen! The water was crystal clear and only about 4 feet deep and stayed that shallow up to 200 hundred feet out. While we were there we stopped by a little palapa restaurant and had an amazing lobster and conch ceviche! The chef came to our table to make sure it was just right and we were in ceviche heaven!

Secret beach and all our inner tubes stacked on our golf cart

   A few nights later we enjoyed karaoke with all the other Skydive San Pedro crew at Melt Cafe, part of their evening entertainment offerings. We sang Taylor Swift as well as Bohemian Rhapsody and many more. It was such an awesome time just singing and hanging with everyone. So awesome that I didn’t get any pictures… well any good ones at least.


The one photo that was taken on the crazy karaoke night

The next day we explored the city a little more and discovered a few great grocery stores as well as an awesome bakery.

Casa Pan Dulce Bakery

   Grace and Jordan had both been planning on getting tattoos here in San Pedro and made appointments, unfortunately Graces artist turned out to be a total nube and she opted out of her planned tattoo- which she was super disappointed about. Jordan was still able to get his though and it turned out amazingly! Sadly they had to leave the next day and head home to chilly Colorado, but they will be returning in March for my 30th birthday and the epic party that will ensue with such a milestone bday!


Jordan’s new tattoo


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