Island Life

So we have been in San Pedro for over a month now! I know I’ve said it before but my how time flies!! It definitely doesn’t feel like we have been here for over a month already! I feel like I’m finally figuring out the little quirks of the town, like where the cheap and delicious places to eat are, the best routes to take through town, and actually remembering where the grocery store and what not is. Maybe in another month or so I might start feeling more like a local 🙂


Merry Christmas from Belize!

That being said, so far living in Belize has taught me a couple things: that starting a business is always difficult, but starting one on a small island in a third world country is so ridiculously difficult it’s practically not even worth it unless you are willing to put a huge amount of time, effort, and money into it, that the weather here can change completely in just a matter of seconds, that there are lots of cute stray dogs running around everywhere, that street food is the best food here, that island time is a real thing, to always buy local goods versus imported (it’s way more affordable!) and also on a personal level that a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.

A view from the Palapa Bar of the impending storm, Max and cute pup Peter, amazing steak tacos and their creator

   Watching the Skydive San Pedro crew try to get a drop zone going has been fascinating. I’ve witnessed first hand all the struggles, complications, successes, frustrations, and all around amazingness that went into building a brand new business. They have all worked countless unpaid hours to get this drop zone up and running and I’m so excited for them now that they are starting to get some business. It’s wonderful to see everything working out for them and I love being able to share in their success.

Load 1 at Skydive San Pedro

Skydive San Pedro’s Cessna 206

   This past week has been uber busy! With Skydive San Pedro up and running Rocky has had to spend a lot of his time working and I’ve spent most of my time watching them figure out what their roles are and the logistics of starting a new drop zone in a foreign country.

Max and Rich prepping for their first jump over San Pedro! The cockpit of the Cessna, the happy packing mat in the hangar and us celebrating the first jump.

   However, Rocky and I have still had time to relax and enjoy our island life together. We got to enjoy the Christmas Boat Parade-where lots of decorated boats lined up and traveled down the coast in style, took in some fire dancing, got caught in a sudden downpour, had the best street steak tacos I’ve ever had, Rocky loaded up and flew the airplane with lots of presents for kids on the mainland (he got to be Santa for a few minutes), and experienced lots of beautiful sunsets and sunrises.

Rocky and I being silly (as usual) Santa driving by, the fire dancer, and the Cessna all loaded up with presents.

   For Christmas (this is my first away from my family) we went kayaking and attempted to snorkel out on the reef. But right when we reached the reef the kayak started to sink. We were able to make it back to shore safely but unfortunately we lost all of Rocky’s snorkel gear that he has had since he was 20. He was pretty bummed but I told him I’d get him new gear for Christmas, that helped a little. After that we celebrated the holiday with everyone and enjoyed some whiskey and dancing. All in all it was a very memorable Christmas!

A rare cloudy and gloomy day (which is secretly my favorite kind of day).


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