Mini Vacation!

This past Thursday Rocky and I were finally able to take a day off to make a last minute trip out to the mainland of Belize! We had been looking forward to this since before we even moved here in November, so needless to say we were pretty exited!!! We hopped on the last San … Continue reading Mini Vacation!


Island Days

It's weird, days seem to go by so quickly here even though I'm not working. My days usually consist of writing in my journal, reading, laying out in the sun, browsing the interwebs, helping take the airplane in and out of the hangar, and sometimes a little swimming. It's awesome just being able to relax … Continue reading Island Days

This Week In San Pedro: Skydiving!… and Other Shenanigans!

Well this week has been very exciting! Frank - Rocky's boss- finally made it back down here and brought my new backpack with him. I'm so excited because all I had before was a shitty backpack that I got from Target a long time ago and it was totally coming apart and super uncomfortable! I … Continue reading This Week In San Pedro: Skydiving!… and Other Shenanigans!