Gorgeous sunset at the San Pedro airport

A New Year

Our new year was awesome!!!! We got to go out on a catamaran and watch the fire works from the ocean! Unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera and so I can’t share it at all 😦 The first week of 2017 has been awesome for the drop zone! They have had multiple 4 load days (7 tandem jumps) and have been getting busier and busier!  It’s awesome to see the progress!

Gorgeous sunset at the San Pedro airport

Gorgeous sunset at the San Pedro airport

I’ve been chilling, snorkeling, reading, and relaxing for the most part. My days consist of hanging around the office browsing the internet or doing research about Belize and then bringing Rocky lunch (I’ve been spoiling him with blt’s and hot dogs lol) then sometimes exploring the town or running errands or on occasion going out on one of the jet skis with Keith (the dz mechanic and the man in charge).

Yesterday the office was strangely quiet so we got to go snorkeling and fishing off the boat. I again didn’t bring my camera but Max did and he got a single photo of one of the three fish I caught. We saw all kinds of fish, a couple eagle rays, and even an eel! It was gorgeous and we stayed out for almost 5 hours. Rocky spear fished and got 3 fish and Max even got a fish (he’d never fished before). Patrick our captain (who is a local) caught lots of fish and even offered to cook them for us tonight. Needless to say we plan on fishing a lot more frequently and hopefully having a lot of seafood dinners!


One of the fishes I caught!

Today I decided to treat myself (Rocky and I have been attempting to have a budget whilst down here) and I got myself a fresh water pearl ring. I got it from a cute little shop down here called 12, and I absolutely love it! 12 features handmade locally crafted wares and I love buying something from them because I know I’m supporting a local artist.

My beautiful fresh water pearl ring and the sign for the boutique.


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