This Week In San Pedro: Skydiving!… and Other Shenanigans!

Well this week has been very exciting! Frank – Rocky’s boss- finally made it back down here and brought my new backpack with him. I’m so excited because all I had before was a shitty backpack that I got from Target a long time ago and it was totally coming apart and super uncomfortable! I absolutely love my new North Face Jester backpack!!! When purchasing it I was planning on buying something a bit cheaper but I kept coming back to the North face pack and Rocky pushed me to buy it by telling me that I was of course going to wear it everyday so I might as well spend the money and get what I really wanted. Thank you so much babe!!!! You are so wise and you know me so well!!! I got mine through Amazon and I don’t know if North Face carries my color anymore.

My new North Face Jester backpack

My new North Face Jester Backpack

Anyway… the rest of this week has been pretty chill and normal. Rocky organized the hangar and it looks spectacular and they are now able to actually put the plane into the hangar instead of just tie it down in front of the hangar.

The hangar all spick and span

Rocky still hasn’t had a true full day off yet (the company can’t operate without a pilot) but we have still tried to take time to enjoy ourselves and the awesome place that we live. I flew over to Belize City the other day with Rocky (perks of being the pilots girlfriend) and the view is just spectacular!!! Plus I just love watching him at work, he looks so in his element when he’s flying! Can you tell that I’m very proud of him!? 😉

Flying to Belize City

Our favorite street food!!!! Steak tacos!!!

   To top the week off I finally got to go skydiving!!!! Yes, I said it, I went skydiving!!!!!! For my first time jumping I got to do it in San Pedro over the beautiful turquoise water and the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world! I wish I could sum it up in one word, but it was so absolutely amazing I would never be able to settle on just one word. Max took me while Rich had another student and Rocky flew the plane. I wish he would have been able to jump with me, but maybe at some other time. I was a little nervous while they got me suited up, but once in the plane I calmed down and enjoyed the breathtaking views! I could see the mainland as well as Caye Caulker and the clouds were just so fluffy and gorgeous!!! We seemed really high up and I asked if we were at altitude yet and Max replied that we weren’t even halfway there yet!! I was shocked! I have listened to them talk about all this for over a month now but I still had no idea about how far up it really is!

   Getting geared up, I was super nervous!!!

   When we finally went on jump run I started getting nervous again (I was glad that we were jumping 2nd) and I tried to mentally prepare myself- no going back now! Rich and the other student whooshed out the door and in no time Max had our feet dangling out the door. I barely had time to glance at Rocky and smile and we were tumbling out the door head over heels! It was spectacular!!!! The wind rushing by my ears, the sight of the earth coming up to meet me, I screamed for a good while in pure exhilaration and tried to take in all the awesomeness that I felt! Max warned me before he pulled the chute (I warned him that he better or else!) and we fell for a second or two as the canopy caught the air. Then Max let me steer a bit, I was super timid about it, and then he turned us a few times and I felt the g’s pulling on me. Before I knew it we hand landed and I was shaking from all the adrenaline running through my body!!!! I can’t believe that I waited 11 years to experience that! I can totally see why they love that! I would love to go again sometime, hopefully with Rocky! Until then that was an unforgettable experience!!!




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