Island Days

It’s weird, days seem to go by so quickly here even though I’m not working. My days usually consist of writing in my journal, reading, laying out in the sun, browsing the interwebs, helping take the airplane in and out of the hangar, and sometimes a little swimming. It’s awesome just being able to relax and take it easy.

A little hermit crab Keith and I found on the dock


Reading in the hangar

The other night we went and played bingo at the local Lions Club. It was so much fun! You pay $2 BZ for a card per round and play as many rounds as you want. Keith, Christina, Max, Rocky, and I all played but only Keith and I won (around $40 each). We had a great time though and we all need to go again!

All of the bingo!!! Max, Christina, Rocky and I being super silly! Also, Keith just trying to play bingo and ignore our shenanigans.

Rocky loves dirt bike racing and so he was super stoked to find out that we can watch supercross at most of the local bars. We especially like going to Lola’s sports bar because they have great drinks, many large tvs, and a relaxing environment (what more do you want from a sports bar?). I was never into dirt bikes before meeting Rocky, but after watching it on tv with him this past year I’ve really started to enjoy it. Now we both look forward to Saturday evenings when we can go grab Belikin stouts and watch supercross!

Us being weird and super stoked for supercross!

Island life is going well. Still loving the warm weather and the ocean, although at times I do get a little home sick, but living here is such an awesome adventure and we are really lucky to be able to experience this!


View from our roof top of a gorgeous sunset


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