A dock in Ambergris Caye

Lazy Day Off

In an effort to save money, and also not to repeat too many activities that visiting family and friends want to do, Rocky and I have been trying to stay local on our last couple days off. We hardly venture outside of San Pedro, so on one of our more recent days off we decided to ride our bikes northward and see what we could find.

After taking some pretty rough dirt roads and doing some off road riding we made it to the beautiful beach front bar and lounge Rojo. We relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful turquoise water on a nearby dock and then had a tasty appetizer of Lobster Poppers which was fried lobster and a spicy remoulade- yummy!!! Of course I forgot to take a photo of it… I just get so excited to eat!

Afterward we relaxed by the pool and on the beach while we listened to the waves – I don’t think we have done that since we moved to Belize! Once the sun started fading we decided to jump in the ocean and swim for a bit. I love the smell of the salt on my skin afterward.

To cap the day off we went to one of our favorite places on the island- The Truck Stop.We watched the sun set, enjoyed some Belikin Stouts and had fun playing corn hole (I’m pretty sure I whooped Rocky’s ass!). It was so much fun just biking around up north and getting away from what we are familiar with, we felt like we were on a different island! Saving money by staying local was an extra bonus, but we can’t wait to have our next day off so we can visit the mainland again.

View of the sunset at The Truck Stop in Ambergris Caye Belize

View of the sunset at The Truck Stop in Ambergris Caye Belize


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