Skydive San Pedro

It’s been a little over three months since Rocky and I moved to San Pedro and Skydive San Pedro opened. A lot has happened in that time and the company has grown and begun to really blossom. It has been so much fun for me to get an inside view and document the company’s growth.

I get to watch Christina and Jess pack the parachutes, Max and Rich gear up the customers for their jumps and Rocky repair gear on the sewing machines or fly the airplane up to altitude. I love sitting in the hangar watching all of them go about their work. It’s still so odd to me that my boyfriend works in the skydiving industry, you’d think that after a year and a half together I’d be more used to it, but no. It still seems foreign to me and it’s often hard for me to picture Rocky jumping out of planes, I’m so used to seeing him flying them lol.

It’s been quite a journey starting a business in another country, but the team has come together so well! As always at the start it was a little shaky, but now they have it down pat! Such an awesome team at Skydive San Pedro!

I still don’t have any plans to get into skydiving (it’s Rocky’s thing) but I do really enjoy being around it and learning about it. I think the part I enjoy the most is being around airplanes all the time- I have Rocky to blame for that lol. Ever since Oshkosh I’ve been way more interested in planes than I even have been in the past!

So if you want to skydive in a gorgeous place you should come skydive in San Pedro, Belize! The team is awesome, the views are stunning and you’ll have the best pilot- I’m not partial at all 😉 it’s unbelizable!

Skydive San Pedro's Cessna taking off at San Pedro Airport

Skydive San Pedro’s Cessna taking off at San Pedro Airport


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