Spanish Lookout

Last week Skydive San Pedro moved location for a day to visit the 2017 Fly In presented by Flight Enthusiasts.  This is the first year of the fly in which was held on a private airstrip in Spanish Lookout (a Mennonite community on Belize’s mainland). Rocky flew the Cessna with all the gear on board while the rest of us caught the first water taxi of the day. Shout out to the awesome Ocean Ferry who took very special care of us! We picked up a rental Jeep from our favorite car rental company: Car One (Rocky and I have rented from them every time we have gone to the mainland and they always take great care of us!)  and headed west for the Cayo district and Spanish Lookout.

Rich on the water taxi and a blurry photo of us stoked about breakfast croissants that the car rental company gave us!

We arrived early and enjoyed quickly some wonderful homemade donuts and fresh coffee before getting to work. Rocky spoke with the chief coordinator of the fly in- the Air Boss and calculated a flight plan, Max and Rich inspected the landing zone and planned their approaches, and Jess and Christina got the hangar that they would be operating out of all day ready to rock and roll. Keith started promoting, speaking with the crowd and booking tandems, and I relaxed, enjoyed the air show, and took lots of photos.

Skydive San Pedro’s Cessna and me stuffing my face with a doughnut.

The airstrip and the food truck.

The fly in was so amazing! It started slow but quickly grew to over 2000 people! There were lots of tasty food vendors and one food truck – Miss Deb’s, which Rocky and I enjoyed some wonderful jalapeno burgers from and which I of course forgot to take a photo of (I have a hard time pausing to take pictures of my food, I normally just gobble it up!).

One of the boys landing a tandem and Christina watching from a distance.

Rich and his student after their jump, Max filming a student’s interview, and Jess and Christina packing parachutes.

Besides doing tandem skydives Max and Rich also did a skydiving demo at the fly in-which was a huge hit! The fly in also featured an aerobatic plane show, an RC aircraft show, a candy drop from an ultra light, numerous aircraft on display, a spot landing competition between the pilots- which Rocky unintentionally competed in and besides the fact still did pretty well, and an awesome demonstration from three crop duster planes where they dropped water right next to the crowd!

Rocky and I getting our selfie in, the airstrip, and one of the boys flying in.

Rich landing a tandem and Jess filming it from the landing area.

Rocky landing the Cessna and the plane in its glory.

I had a wonderful time at the fly in as did Skydive San Pedro! The event was so well organized and everyone was so kind and welcoming! We all can’t wait to come back to Spanish Lookout again!

Rich swooping in on the skydiving demo, a few of the planes at the fly in, and the girls packing.

The Cessna, another plane at the show and one of the boys landing.

A cropduster and the cropdusting show as well some of the other planes at the show.

End of the day sunset views and Christina, Max, and a student next to the Cessna.


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