So the funny thing (well… a funny thing) about starting a new business in a foreign country is that everyone has more than one job title. For example Rocky is Skydive San Pedro’s Chief Pilot and Master Parachute Rigger. He is also the carpenter (sign builder) and part of the marketing team. Each member of the crew has multiple jobs just like Rocky does. It’s kinda funny, but with only so many employees somebody has to do it.

Rocky measuring lumber and our signs assembled and ready to paint.

That being said, one thing the business needed was some signs around town. So Rocky and I took it upon ourselves to build them. We used lumber the company already had, chopped it up, painted it, threw it together, stuck a poster on it and presto: we now had signs! We ended up making three uber pretty double sided a-frames and two single sided a-frames. We had a great time building them as you can see in this picture of Rock.

Rocky chopping wood for the Skydive San Pedro's signs

Rocky being adorable and chopping wood for the Skydive San Pedro’s signs

We had so much fun that we decided to make an even bigger one to hang up in the door of the hangar as well as two little ones for the sides of the company golf cart. Jess volunteered to help us with these- we were stoked to have help. The three of us decided to try to match the company logo as closely as possible so we got some really pretty teal, blue, and white paint. Jess and I painted the signs white after Rocky chopped the smaller two to size for us. Then Jess hand stenciled the logo on all the signs and hand painted them (she has far more artistic ability then I do) and they turned out fabulously!!!!

Jess and me painting signs.

We all love driving around in our skydive mobile (as Rocky dubbed it) and we can’t wait to get our big sign up in our hangar where every plane landing in San Pedro will be able to see it!

Jess modeling the Skydive mobile.



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