Me with my awesome snorkel mask on

Dirty 30!

A few weeks ago Rocky’s sister Mandy came to visit us. I was especially excited for her visit because while she was here we would celebrate my 30th birthday! I get very excited for all of my birthday’s (I usually celebrate all month long) but I was especially pumped about this one since it’s a bit of a milestone.

Mandy, Rocky, and me in Caye Caulker Belize

Mandy, Rocky, and me in Caye Caulker Belize

To get the party started we headed over to Caye Caulker the day before my bday. We caught the last water taxi of the day and decided to walk around the island and find a hotel for the night. We ended up stumbling upon an awesome place- the Enjoy Hotel- that was right in the center of town and was very affordable. Once we checked in we headed up to the roof top terrace and got to enjoy the gorgeous island sunset whilst drinking Belikins! It was a wonderful start to my birthday!

After the sun went down we decided to walk around the town and then find a beach side restaurant to have dinner at. We ended up at La Cubana- a cute little place where we got 3 drinks with our entrees! Perfect for a bday celebration! After dinner we went and got some yummy margaritas, and then picked up some drinks to take back to the hotel. As the old person I now am lol I was tired around 9:30pm, but Mandy and Rocky forced me to stay up until midnight so they could properly wish me a happy birthday! We did some birthday shots (the only shots we did for my bday) and celebrated before promptly passing out at 12:01am lol.

The next day we did a full day sail and snorkeling trip with Black Hawk Tours. We stopped at four of the best snorkeling spots and we got to swim with and pet some Nurse Sharks and Rays, as well as see a ton of fish and coral, one green eel and a Loggerhead Sea Turtle! I was so excited to see the turtle! I’ve been wanting to swim with a turtle for so long so it was awesome that I finally got to on my 30th birthday! In between snorkeling we lounged on the deck of the small sailboat and enjoyed fresh fruit and ceviche. It was so relaxing feeling the waves beneath us, the wind in our hair, and the salt and sun on our skin.

Mandy and me enjoying our day sail!

Mandy and me enjoying our day sail!

By the time we returned (5pm) we were worn out! Also Mandy had a pretty bad sun burn (she was still pretty white from the Colorado winter) so we took it easy and shopped and enjoyed some wonderful street food. I can honestly say that one of my favorite things about living in Belize has been the amazing street food! It’s very inexpensive and always tastes wonderful!! Rocky even found a women selling cakes and pies and he got me a piece as well as some candles so he and Mandy could sing me happy birthday. It was so sweet! He was determined to fit all 30 candles onto my piece but it was just too small, so he put a few on his brownie instead. I felt so special and I loved every second of it! I could not have asked for a better 30th birthday! It was just what I wanted! Huge thanks to Mandy for coming to visit and my love Rocky for making me feel extra loved and special!!!

Sunset in Caye Caulker

Sunset in Caye Caulker

My birthday cake and me

My birthday cake and me


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