End Of A Season

So this is way overdue (It’s been more then a month…) but the skydiving season  is over in Belize. Rocky and I packed up our bags and the crew of Skydive San Pedro closed the company for the summer. They will return this winter with hopefully most of the same crew (maybe not Rocky and I) and rock another awesome season. I am so proud of everything we all accomplished! We started a brand new company in a foreign country and we were actually successful! It was amazing!

Rocky prepping the plane for the flight back to the U.S., Rocky doing a fly by the Skydive San Pedro office after the last load jumped, the Cessna and the last group getting aboard the airplane.


The crew celebrating an awesome season!

Flying home, I got to be co-pilot 🙂


Todd (the awesome other pilot who helped fly the plane back to Colorado) and Rocky before taking off for the U.S.

Belize was such an interesting and awesome experience for Rocky and me. I can honestly say that it was one of the most trying periods of my life. I learned a lot, had some awesome adventures, and grew as a person and in my relationship with Rocky. We are both very happy to be home now in Colorado, but we will never forget the amazingness of Belize! It was an unbelizable experience and I’m so glad we had the opportunity for such a great adventure.

Now it’s time to get back to “normal” life in good ‘ol Boulder 🙂


Rocky and me before he took off for home.


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