My long time best friend Jessica (who is basically my sister) recently graduated with her masters from Oklahoma University, so I made the trek out to see her and celebrate her hard work. I was so excited about this trip because it was the first time since before I left for Belize that I would see my best friend, my sister Shaylah (who made the trip up from Austin) and my “Texas family” (Jessica’s family whom I’ve known since I was 7). Needless to say I could not wait to get there!

The three of us being silly whilst drinking mimosas, Jess and her little sis Julia walking through the campus, Shaylah and our “Texas mom” Cheri.

We had such an awesome weekend- we had some celebratory mimosas before watching Jessica walk across the stage at her graduation ceremony and receive her well deserved diploma, we took about a billion photos with family and friends (hey one must document things!), and we had a lovely Mother’s day brunch at a cute restaurant called Syrup.

All the sisters minus Jamie (she ran away from this photo lol), Jessica and her Mom and Step Dad, and the three of us.

Jamie being the photographer and Shay looking beautiful as always!

Jessica triumphantly holding her degree!

After everyone went back to Texas (they all had to work on Monday) Jess and I had a relaxing couple of days just being the silly ladies we are! We drank plenty of craft beer, had a pool day (thank God I didn’t take any photos!) and had so much fun playing with my kitten Zoey who Jessica has graciously been taking care of for me since I went to Belize.

Jess and me being the weirdos we truly are.

Jessica and Shaylah excited to eat the most awesome ice cream sandwich ever! Jamie being the awkward but cute sister.

Beautiful cappuccinos and Shay and me.

Jess and me enjoying a beer flight and being silly whilst driving.

It was definitely a much needed mini vacation! So proud of you Jessica!!!


Finally all five of us!


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