Once Rocky and I decided to make the move to Belize I had to figure out a temporary home for my kitty Zoey. Luckily my best friend Jessica (whom I have known for 20 years+) absolutely adores her and offered to take the job as substitute mama (Auntie) for the six months that Rocky and … Continue reading Zoey

San Pedro Belize sunset

Sunset Sail

The other evening Rocky, Christina (one of our roommates and a parachute packer and rigger for Skydive San Pedro), and I had the privilege of taking a sunset booze cruise on Island Dream Tours lovely catamaran Yolo! We plopped down on the super comfy bean bag style chairs (once we sat down it took us … Continue reading Sunset Sail

This Week In San Pedro: Skydiving!… and Other Shenanigans!

Well this week has been very exciting! Frank - Rocky's boss- finally made it back down here and brought my new backpack with him. I'm so excited because all I had before was a shitty backpack that I got from Target a long time ago and it was totally coming apart and super uncomfortable! I … Continue reading This Week In San Pedro: Skydiving!… and Other Shenanigans!